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5% Off for the Month of January

Hello IMT fans and clients. We are excited to announce a 5% discount on each one of our program services for the rest of the month. If you are a veteran, current military or law enforcement you will still receive your 5% discount on top of our current sale for being an amazing human being…
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How to Get Your TRT Dialed In

Getting dialed in? Most new guys have no idea what this means. It is actually the most important aspect of any testosterone replacement therapy protocol and if your not doing it in the most efficient way you may give up on your TRT protocol due to side effects or just plain not feeling good. Getting…
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Increase My T Client Reviews – Testimonials

IMT New Network Review IMT program review from an OLD Newbie! I am happy to have had the opportunity to begin my personal pursuit for optimum hormonal balance and improved quality of life with Todd, Dr. Matt and the Pharma team. After initially contacting Todd, I was introduced to Dr. Matt via Skype. I was…
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