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These are the medications our physicians have, generally or may prescribe in our programs based on patient diagnostics:

Gamma Aminobutyric Acid (GABA) Tablets
Anastrozole Rapid Dissolve Mini-Tab - 0.25mg, 0.5mg, 1.2mg, 1.5mg
Clomiphene Citrate
Tamoxifen Citrate
Sermorelin Acetate Rapid Dissolve Mini-Tab
Sermorelin Acetate / GHRP6 / GHRP2 Rapid Dissolve Mini-Tab
Sermorelin Acetate / GHRP2 Lyophilized Vial (injectable)
Sermorelin Acetate / GHRP2 / GHRP6 Lyophilized Vial (injectable)
Sermorelin Acetate / Ipamorelin / GHRP 2 (auto-pen)
Testosterone Cypionate in Grapeseed Oil (injectable)
Testosterone Cypionate in Sesame Oil (injectable)
Testosterone Cypionate/Anastrozole in Cottonseed Oil (injectable)
Testosterone Enanthate in Grapeseed Oil (injectable)
Testosterone Propionate in Cottonseed Oil (injectable)
Ultra-Test Blend (injectable)
Tri-Test Blend (injectable)
N-Adrenal Complex
Testosterone Creams and Gels (any formulation, personalized)
Testosterone Troches
Oxytocin/Sildenafil (chewable tablet)
Oxytocin/Sildenafil (troche) *must ship cold*
Oxytocin/Tadalafil (chewable tablet)
Oxytocin/Tadalafil (troche) *must ship cold*
Oxytocin/Tadalafil/Testosterone/Sermorelin (troche) *must ship cold*
Sildenafil/Testosterone (troche) *must ship cold*
Tadalafil/Testosterone (mini-troche) *must ship cold*
HCG Rapid Dissolve Mini-Tab
HCG Lyophilized (injectable)
Arginine - L (injectable)
Carnitine - L (injectable)
B-Complex (B2, B3, B6, B12)) + Vitamin C
GAC (glutamine / arginine / carnitine) (injectable)
GOAL (glutamine / Ornithine / Arginine / Lysine) (injectable)
Glutathione (injectable)
HCG + b12 Lyophilized (injectable)
Methylcobalamin (b12) (injectable)
MIC/B-Complex (injectable)
MIC/B-Complex + Carnitine + Lidocaine (injectable)
MIC/B12 + Carnitine (injectable)
MIC/B-Complex + Carnitine + Arginine + Chromium + Lidocaine (injectable)
MIC/B-Complex + Chromium + Carnitine (injectable)
IC/B-Complex + Leucine + Carnitine + Chromium + Lidocaine (injectable)
Vitamin D3 in Sesame Oil (injectable)

Thyroid Treatments

Armor Thyroid (commercial product)
Nature Thyroid (commercial product)
T3 SR (slow release)
T3/T4 SR (slow release)
Thyroid USP (porcine)
Thyroid USP (porcine) SR (slow release)
WP-Thyroid (commercial product)

BHRT Sterile Implantable Pellets (men and women)

Estradiol (multiple strengths)
BiEst (estradiol/Estriol - 50/50)
Testosterone (multiple strengths)
Testosterone/Anastrozole (multiple strengths)
Progesterone (multiple strengths)

Female HRT
Capsules (all variations can be customized specific) E3, E2, DHEA, Testosterone, Pregnenolone
Topical/Vaginal Female Cream/Gel (includes V applicator) E3, E2, DHEA, Testosterone, Pregnenolone, progesterone
Mini-Inserts (Vaginal) E3, E2, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Pregnenolone
Mini-Troches (Oral) E3, E2, Progesterone, Testosterone, DHEA, Pregnenolone
Testosterone Cream/Gel
Testosterone + Chrysin Cream/Gel
Testosterone Troches (Oral)

Female Sexual Health

Aminophylline/Arginine Gel
Oxytocin Mini-Troche (Oral)
Oxytocin Nasal Spray
Sildenafil/Aminophylline/Arginine Cream
Sildenafil/Aminophylline/Arginine/Testosterone Cream

If there is something your interested in that is not on the list, just let us know and we will do our best to make it available.