Ibutamoren (MK677) Available Now Doctor Prescribed

Do you have an ailing injury or just joint pain in general? Using a suppressive compound like Nandrolone (DECA) to bandage the pain? IMT is happy to announce a non-intrusive new option that may greatly improve your overall wellbeing and performance:

Ibutamoren (MK677)

Strengths available to our prescribers:

10mg Capsules

25mg Capsules

50mg Capsules

At the request of many of our practitioners who have successfully used MK677 in practice IMT has added it to our lineup. MK677 is a non-peptide agonist of the ghrelin receptor and a growth hormone secretagogue, which mimics the growth hormone (GH) stimulating action of the endogenous hormone ghrelin.

In other words it stimulates the the pituitary pushing it to release your endogenous growth hormone. Here are some of the reported benefits:

  • Once daily dosing
  • Shown to stimulate the pituitary gland increasing the secretion of GH and insulin like growth factor 1 (IGF-1)
  • Inhibits the signaling of somatostatin receptors
  • Slows down the activity of somatostatin in the system
  • Amplifies and increases the overall production and release of GHRH
  • Selectively targets androgenic receptors in tissues like testosterone does, boosting recovery and preventing age related wasting and stimulates growth
  • Does not have the side effects seen with GHRP6 and GHRP2
  • Great for treating new and old injuries with rapid healing of ligaments, tendons and bones
  • Build lean muscle mass
  • Increases the oxidation of fat
  • Studies report increased sexual desire in females with low sexual motivation
  • Patients reported to their prescribers that they experienced better sleep, with an increase in vivid dreaming

Reported Side Effects:

  • The main side effect of Ibutamoren is water retention
  • Water retention can be maintained by taking dandelion root
  • Patient should control sodium intake to minimize this potential side effect
  • Other than the above, studies report no additional side effects

So if your having joint pain, muscle stiffness and trouble recovering from nagging injuries give us a call or schedule an appointment with us right away!

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