Comprehensive TRT and GH Optimization Programs

IMT prides ourselves in a comprehensive approach, not a one size fits all. Many of us understand the affects of low testosterone and how it can be detrimental to our health. Low levels of testosterone affect our ability to manage blood sugar levels and cholesterol, leaving us prone to diabetes and other endocrine dysfunctions.

But what about GH why is it such a bad word? The truth is its not a bad word at all and proper levels of this hormone are just as important if not more important than optimal levels of testosterone. It has been shown to decrease inflammation, plays a large role in immune function, stimulates cognitive adaptation and patients even report pleasant side effects such as glowing skin, nicer, healthier hair and decreased joint pain.

There is a huge synergistic effect that takes place when you optimize both your testosterone and growth hormone levels. This is because androgens typically make cell size bigger and growth hormone induces hyperplasia or cell replication. If you have deficiencies in both areas optimizing both your testosterone levels and your growth hormone levels simultaneously is like adding 1+1 and it equaling 10. Optimal GH levels actually supercharge the testosterone in your body and this has even been shown in studies:

CONCLUSION: It should be emphasized that the lipid profile was affected not only by rhGH+T replacement therapy, but also by the prescribed physical activity programme. The strength and endurance fitness programme alone did not cause significant changes in body mass and composition, nor the anaerobic and aerobic capacity. On the other hand, the rhGH=T treatment stimulated these changes significantly.

Effects of growth hormone and testosterone therapy on aerobic and anaerobic fitness, body composition and lipoprotein profile in middle-aged men.

CONCLUSION: Testosterone alone did not alter IGF-I (11.6 plus/minus 1.2 to 11.8 plus/minus 1.2 nanomoles per litre), but reduced oxidation and increased synthesis. Addition of GH to testosterone increased IGF-I to 41.0 plus/minus 4.2 nanomoles per litre, and resulted in a further reduction in oxidation and further stimulation of synthesis. In summary, testosterone replacement in hypopituitary adults increased circulating IGF-I, only during concomitant administration of GH. Testosterone and GH exerted independent and additive effects to reduce irreversible oxidative protein loss and increase protein synthesis. We conclude that testosterone enhances the effect of GH to increase IGF-I, but exerts a protein anabolic effect that is independent of GH action.

Testosterone enhances the effect of growth hormone (GH) to increase IGF-I but exerts an anabolic effect that is independent of GH action

So now that we know how important it is to correct both hormonal deficiencies to get a really synergistic effect whats the best way to go about this?

Well many of us may not quite have a severe case of AGHD (adult growth hormone deficiency) but there may be suppression, or sub-optimal levels for your age. So IMT's physicians have the option to prescribe growth hormone peptides. These peptides stimulate your natural growth hormone secretion. Doctors like prescribing these more because they have a saturation limit and the chance of someone overdosing or abusing the medication is slim to none.

The peptides are also not square wave like rhGH and stimulate a much more natural secretion pattern than what rhGH would give you. When you supplement rhGH the curve is similar to a bleed which is the type of secretion curve females have. IMT believes this is why patients on rhGH may hold more water than those using peptides.

There are all kinds of advantages to the peptides but the most important one of all is PRICE! Thats right they are 1/4 of the cost of rhGH and much safer!

As we mentioned above our doctors have many options concerning peptides and growth hormone optimization but based on programs in past years here is what our TRT + Growth Hormone Optimization premium plan may possibly include:

TRT + GH Level 3

Testosterone Cypionate (grapeseed, cottonseed, sesameseed) Injectable

HCG + B-12 (lyophilized) Injectable

0.5mg Rapid Dissolve Anastrozole (oral)

IMG Automatic Injection Pen

Serm/Ipamorelin/GHRP2 combination (cartridge) *only works in auto-pen

GOAL (glutamine, ornithine, arginine, lysine) injectable

Glutathione (injectable)

Oxytocin/Sildenafil (Troche)

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