Announcing IMT’s New Network

We are happy to announce we are now offering the same programs and products the most expensive TRT clinics in the country offer at a fraction of the price!

We also have shipping times down to 72 hours from if/when one of our physicians writes a prescription for you.

IMT's common sense concierge approach to men's health just got elevated to a new level with our hands on efficient model.

What do you need to do to get a refill or get started with IMT?

Step 1: Fill out the new patient forms here: Patient Forms Don't worry you don't have to print anything out.

Step 2: Submit a recent copy of your lab work and physical if we do not have one on file for you. You can upload those docs Document Uploader. If you have not had lab work we can schedule that for you at a draw location near you.

Step 3: Submit a copy of your drivers license.

Step 4: Get with Todd to schedule your VHC with one of our NEW network physicians!!

What is a VHC? This is a virtual health consultation with the physician that allows you guys to develop a doctor/patient relationship. You can do this by FaceTime or if you do not have an iPhone we will send you a link that you can access from your mobile phone or desktop that drops you in a virtual room with one of our physicians.

This is a 5-10 minute consultation most of the time but if you have more questions for the physician feel free to take as long as you need.

Its that simple! Your program will be shipped within 72 hours of if/when one of our physicians writes a prescription for you.

So if you have been putting off getting your refill, or just putting off getting your life and health in order, schedule an appointment with us today!

You can do this on the bottom of any page on our website, just click "schedule appointment" and that guarantees your time with us!

We look forward to taking concierge men's health to new heights with you. Live well!

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