Announcing IMT’s New Network

We are happy to announce we are now offering the same programs and products the most expensive TRT clinics in the country offer at a fraction of the price! We also have shipping times down to 72 hours from if/when one of our physicians writes a prescription for you. IMT's common sense concierge approach to…
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Q and A with Dr Matt Week 1 ~ IMT Staff

IMT Staff Hello Dr Matt I am very excited to be able to sit down and speak with you about testosterone replacement and what you see with IMT Patients. I hear you were an emergency clinician for 15 years and your big on preventative health. Do you mind giving me and the readers a short…
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Testosterone’s Bad Rap ~ Todd Thomas

Demonized by many and proclaimed to bring back your youth by others. What is it that makes everyone associate the word testosterone with egotistical and anti-social behavior? Who has brainwashed us to believe that this hormone will make us treat our children like the red headed stepchild, or slap our significant other for complimenting our…
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