Increase My T Client Reviews – Testimonials

IMT New Network Review

IMT program review from an OLD Newbie!
I am happy to have had the opportunity to begin my personal pursuit for optimum hormonal balance and improved quality of life with Todd, Dr. Matt and the Pharma team.
After initially contacting Todd, I was introduced to Dr. Matt via Skype. I was most impressed with his patience (as I was with Todd ) of my questions, understanding my concerns and encouragement for reaching my goals.
I had recently had blood work drawn and so we were able to layout a plan for me based upon that baseline.
I am pleased share that Todd made sure I received my meds as promised.....Thank you Todd!
I have High expectations of the program..........the rest is up to me!

After two separate back surgeries, (L3,4,5, S1), knee replacement, (left), surgically repaired labrum, (left), two knee surgeries, MCL, ACL, (right) torn hamstring (left), broken ankle twice (left), Grade 3 AC separation, right shoulder……..a wise man might consider “hangin em up” but I guess I’m just not that wise!
Instead, at nearly 69 years of age I’ve decided (while knowingly I cannot perform like a 25 year old) I refuse not to continue to be completive, in which ever physical/mental exercise I chose to participate. I found however that despite my best effort, that I was quite literally “losing a step” to age and all the “wonderful” compromises it brings. I found myself tired most days and less focused than I wanted to be. Everything hurt. I even (heaven forbid) didn’t seem to have the vigor I always enjoyed.
So what to do? I set out to research TRT, as I had heard miraculous things about it. Wow, what a lot to learn and even harder to understand all the options……. interactions and synergies that abound. Do this, don’t do that, unless you know what you are doing it can get crazy and crazy costly.
Here is where Todd and IMT come in. After seeing a positive endorsement of IMT online I decided to give a call. The rest (as they say) is history. Todd has provided guidance I wanted and sorely needed.
I am currently close to being “dialed in” with the program I have chosen. My energy is up, I am sleeping better. I have better workouts (less fatigue), better recovery. I’m playing Senior softball again at the Major level. And probably the greatest reward (my wife who is 26 years my junior) is THRILLED, I’m back!
If you are a little older (mature) don’t let that stop you from getting on the T TRAIN. I believe that we probably appreciate the “lift” that science has provided than those who have not yet experienced the physical forfeitures we have.

TRT 6 months in - Review, IMT and My Story

Hey fellas – quick intro…been lurking here forever and I wanted to finally contribute in hopes my experience can help give a perspective to others. Quick background…36yrs old, 5’9, 180, ~12% body fat +or- a bit , lifting on and off forever but seriously going hard (hard hard) for 4years. When I was considering TRT years ago, I found this forum to be the most helpful and educational. I like to hope that someone like me (the pre-TRT me) is reading this because they’re interested in feeling better but still apprehensive or frankly scared to pull the trigger and find some value in my experience. It’s a commitment, a lifetime commitment – it’s a bit demoralizing (at first – at least for me) like you’re not quite a man and need some help being a “man” – goes against every alpha instinct I know I ever had. BUT in my experience it was well worth the leap.

How I got here :
I lift, as most guys around these boards do. I’ve always wanted to do steroids, because let’s face it 99.9% of us that lift want to get big, lift more, look better, we’re alphas…it’s primal. I was always scared of the side effects and how it might impact my relationships. Over the years I found myself settling into life and less and less interested in my ‘private time’ with the old lady. It’s not that I couldn’t get the job done, I just didn’t care. I didn’t have the same “go get em” spirit I had in my 20’s and early 30’s. I found out that I wasn’t alone tons of guys here and elsewhere had the same symptoms I was having. So I read, and read, and searched and read and studied and read (get the picture) as much as I could find and educated myself on the topic. Then I sat down and talked with my soon to be wife, it was obvious we needed help, it was obvious I needed help, and I wanted her in my corner for this journey – which she was. By extensively educating myself early in the process I was able to answer her questions and put her at ease.

IMT and Why I chose them:
I learned that there are a few basic options to pursue for TRT. Option 1 – find a knowledgeable doctor in my area. GO FISH. I live in a town slightly larger than Mayberry. Option 2 – Travel to an endo / urologist / hrt clinic. The last damn thing I wanted to do was run all over creation to manage my HRT and have someone who may or may not be up to speed with the latest, greatest and safest means of treatment, may have to change Dr’s, or travel to office for shots I can administer myself. Option 3 – My choice - I called an HRT specialist, notably I called IMT from this forum. Reputation was very high on this board so it seemed logical to go this route. I had blood work done (187 total T) which I think is borderline castrated and I now felt like Varys from Game of Thrones. IMT’s staff (Todd) was awesome about answering questions, explaining their process, organizing treatments, and following up. Their doc's put me on 200mg of Test / week and HCG. For those who may have read some old posts they recently changed their process, which is GREAT and better but honestly, I didn’t experience too many issues with the old process. I did have a less than ideal conversation with the old physician they used, but just a few days ago I was able to experience the new Doc via face-time and he was outstanding! Always had great experience with Todd and his staff. Shipping times are less than a week, new 20 week programs available (we’re on this for life, no need for a million shipments a year - thank you Todd) and best of all if you have questions – he’s right there. If you’re like I was and you don't know where or how to start – I would personally recommend IMT based on my experience. I’m a HUGE pain in the ass as a customer and high maintenance, if I give a reference it’s quite rare and well deserved.
Ok, let’s get something out of the way…YES they’re a board sponsor...but that's how i found them in the first place. This is a representation of my experience and it works perfect for me, maybe not everyone.

Life on TRT after 6 months:
So we covered background, covered options, covered my shameless IMT plug based on great experience…but how is it going?....AWESOME. So I’d say that in my experience weeks 3-8 were the BOMB. This is where I started to actually feel different. I had more energy, libido showed back up (woo hoo) I was sharper in my work and I just felt…well better. As noted above, I like managing my treatment with the consultation of IMT and their staff, so I run my blood work pretty regularly. You’ll read (providing you do your homework, which is mandatory) that getting dialed in takes some time, and it does. Somewhere in the 3 month range I found myself crying over one of that Budweiser horse / pony commercial and thought “time to check the estrogen”. I switched the shots to 2x per week and after a month that my E was back in check. Might happen to you, research and you’ll know what could come and what to look for if it does – like crying over stupid sh!+ and feeling like a RED FLAG there. Love life is nothing short of fantastic, my demeanor is better than what it’s ever been, I’m more positive, patient, energetic, and motivated. You’ll notice I didn’t mention a thing about body fat reduction, lean mass increases, lifting personal records, how much I can squat now vs. pre TRT – because frankly looking back...that’s last on my list of positive impacts. Sure I look better, lifts went up, and I dropped a few body fat points but the feeling of well being, confidence and masculinity far outweigh my training improvements (which admittedly are fun ).

Increase My T – New Network - Another Review

I just thought I would post an update. I have been an IMT client since 2012. I recently did my latest refill using their new system. The process is simple. I just thought I would let folks know my experience.

First of all I can see there were some folks that experienced delays under the old system/network. I really never had any issues in the last 4 years. I tend to have a bit of time between when I start the refill process and when my supply will run out. In the last 4 years, I never came close to running out. I don't think any refill even took 3 weeks. Probably more in the 2 week range. This was just my experience.

Like I said, the new process is simple, you have to make sure your paperwork is up to date of course:

1) Go to the IMT website and click schedule appt (at the bottom of the page) and schedule for a refill request (you select an appointment time and talk to Todd).
2) Once the refill request appointment is done, you schedule a VHC (Virtual Health Consultation) with the doc (again you select an appointment time) via facetime or (they send a link).

After your consult with the doc, the refill is shipped and shows up with the next few days ... that's it.

IMT New Network very impressed

I have been on TRT for almost a year via my endo. She was very green and I had to convince her to put me on testosterone despite 3 bloodwork tests at under 250 total T. She put me on gel which I was allergic to so she agreed to let me do Test Cyp shots. She told me to do 100 mg week. After much trial and error I would up on 60 mg twice a week shots. In the last year I lost a good of mount of fat and gained muscle but worked out hard as well. I used research adex because endo wouldn't give me script. She also would put me on HCG despite ball shrinkage. I had a little estrogen issue and had a little trouble managing due to the inconsistency liquid adex. Bottoms line I got fed up and emailed Todd. I was super impressed wth this guy. So responsive, and so informative. Within less than a week I had the goods at my door. Had a virtual conaultation with a good doc that understands the game. Todd doesn't do this for the money alone for sure. He is always wanting to know how I am doing. Plan to add to this post once I am on the hcg and pharma adex for a few weeks to compare.

IMT New Network

Just got started with IMT. My prescriptions were delivered today. I'm happy with how comprehensive the kit is. Nothing else is needed for administration. It even includes a sharps bottle, and separate drawing and injecting needles. Todd made this whole process very easy, guiding me through each step and answering all my questions. The only surprise was in how little time it took to set everything up.

TRT Day One - IMT New Network

After watching my T levels drop over the past few years and having discussions with my family health care provider who wanted to take a conservative approach...I finally decided to take control of my health! I was no longer gong to watch and more importantly feel my T level "naturally" decline with age or take a "conservative" approach at the appropriate time....the time was now!

I did my research and reviewed several programs. Several providers were very vague on their approach to TRT and what their program would entail. I reached out to and was pleasantly surprised on the rapid response I got from them. When I spoke to Todd he took the time to explain their TRT program and answered all of my questions in detail. The customer service was exceptional and the overall product offering was extensive. Once we reviewed my lab results and laid out a detailed TRT program I was ready to go.

Today is day one of my TRT journey!

My Experience with IMT...

To start this off, I came to this forum about 5 weeks ago after getting devastating news from my doctors at Kaiser about a variety of things regarding my health.

1) I was born as a uniballer...1 testicle... and Kaiser had been testing my Test levels my entire life and had NOT told me anything about this.

2) The "Peak" of my test levels was 512, and never revealed this to me. I tested 162 about 7 weeks ago and the doctors at kaiser said they expected this. (Well thanks for the notice earlier in my life ****ers)

3) Doctors wanted to do 1/MONTH shots of 200mg and would not allow me to self inject because they thought I would abuse drugs as such a young person.

4) This added to my hatred for KAiser which botched my discectomy on my spine from my rugby injury in my last season in college. At this point i was over them and decided to seek treatment elsewhere.

5) I came to this forum originally wanting to do a full blown cycle but took the advice of people on the board to get my TRT under control first and reap the benefits of what my TRT could do first. The people on this board have been invaluable as a virtual peer group.

These 5 steps landed me at IMT and we went back and forth for awhile in order to figure out a plan. After sending my lab results and a consult I was accepted for their 10 week program(thats all i can afford on my teachers salary right now haha). I am on 200mg of Test-C per week and this has my trough level at 700 and my peak at 1100. I am in the upper range but still within "normal levels". And holy shit what a change this has been. I have never in my life felt so alive and in such a good mental state. For me it wasnt so much of a physical wanting, but a mental wanting. I was so tired before, had lower self confidence, and never wanted to be out. I now feel so happy! Like 24/7 happy. My energy is through the roof, and this school year is already off to a blast. My students think im looney with all the energy i have in the classroom. IMT has truly been a savior for me, and best part is my job gets me HMSA insurance soon and they cover private TRT treatments.

Overall this is a thank you to this board and also a thank you to IMT for their awesome service!
Mahalos from Hawaii!

TRT / IncreaseMyT / My Experience

Hey guys,

I just wanted to share my experience with being diagnosed with low T, how I started TRT with, and how it's greatly
improved my life. I'm hoping that this post can help out some people who are new to TRT and are looking for a reputable place to receive TRT treatment.

So first a little background on how I got here. I'm 33 years old and I first started showing signs that something was off mid 2015. I was borderline depressed. I had little to no libido. I was anxious all the time. Life just overall kind of sucked in general. I've been into working out and eating clean for the past 4-5 years. I've made some pretty good strength and size gains over that time period but something was amiss in 2015. No matter what I tried it seemed like I was just stuck in a crazy plateau. I couldn't lose fat, my strength had severely stalled out and I just didn't have as much energy as I used to.

So after doing some research online and talking to some friends who were on TRT at the time I decided to goto my PCP and ask him for a scrip to get some blood work done to test my T levels. I told him my symptoms and he just wanted to write me off and said I should goto a shrink to get medication for depression. I'm like uhm no I'm not taking that shit. I told him I wanted to get blood work done to check my test levels. He was hesitant and pretty much tried to talk me out of getting that done. I'm like look man I just want to get this done for my own piece of mind. So he wrote me the scrip.

About 3-4 days later I get the results in. Of course he wants me to come in to review the results just so they can get an extra office fee. Bastards lol. Sure enough he reads the results and my total testosterone was 278 ng/dl. Now if you're not familiar with these numbers the average male should be around 679 ng/dl. So yeah I'm on the very low end of the spectrum. He then goes to say yeah your levels are low but I don't think we should treat it. I'm like uhm why is that. He then says, "side effects." That was pretty much the end of our conversation.

After that I took it upon myself to do some more research about TRT and how I could get started. There were a couple of anti aging clinics in the area but all of them required you to come in weekly for your shots. This was not going to be practical because the closest one was 40 mins away and was only open Mon - Fri. There was no way I could swing that working full time.

I then came across a link in one of the forums for I read up on their services and really thought to myself that this was too good to be true. Surely this is a scam I thought. But i filled out my information anyways and the next day I was on the phone with one of their reps. I told him my situation and he said I'd be a perfect candidate for TRT. All I had to do was send over my blood work, fill out a couple of forms, and then within a week I had prescriptions for Test Cyp, HCG , and anastrozole delivered right to my doorstep. Their new platform requires you to FaceTime/Skype with one of their physicians for like 10 mins just to go over some stuff but the guy is really cool and makes you feel really comfortable. He can also answer any questions you may have about TRT. It was actually a really beneficial conversation for me.

So I've been on TRT for about 8 months now and I won't look back. After a couple of weeks my libido came back into full swing. My gym sessions have never been better. My mood has drastically elevated and instead of hating to roll out of bed I look forward to getting the next day started. It has all around been a great experience for me. I really don't understand why Testosterone gets such a bad rep. Sure there are people who abuse it but that can be said about any drug. When used correctly it can greatly increase your quality of life.

So if you're where I was a year ago, feeling down, lack of energy, lack of libido I would highly recommend you get your blood work done to see what your test levels are. If you have a hormone imbalance it could cause all of these symptoms. Within a month or two you could be completely back on track. I would also highly recommend looking into and their services. It's really convenient to get your scrips delieverd right to your doorstep.

I really hope this post can help someone out.


IMT Review....

So I found out I had low T through multiple blood labs. Some of you have seen my posts here so you know what I'm talking about. So I decided to call IMT and find out what to do. I spoke with Todd and he explained multiple protocols and what could be done to help with my low t. He was very generous with his time and made sure we were both on the same page. He has been very easy to get ahold of either by calling their office line or shooting him and Email. He respond quick, which I really liked!.

So we decided on a good protocol and I scheduled my appt. with the Doctor who was very knowledgeable and answered all of my questions and concerns through facetime. It took about 45 mins to speak with him and he was very thorough about the protocol and what to expect. He even told me to call him anytime to see how things are going. Wow, talk about customer service!

After the initial consultation with the doctor I spoke with Todd again and we made the protocol into an action plan. I paid upfront which was super easy through paypal and my package is now in transit set to arrive Monday. Todd is so thorough with everything he wants me to call him as soon as I get my package to go over all the details and ensure I receive everything. Todd has been nothing but sincere and incredibly generous with his time to make sure my questions and concerns were answered.

I can't wait to receive my package and get my T up to normal levels and feel good. Thanks to IMT I'm now going to be a TRT member and live a good life with healthy T levels for a 31 year old male, not an 80 year old walking around with t levels of someone decades older than me. Thanks IMT and welcome to the board!

IMT New Network - Process Review

Hey Everyone,

New to the forum and new to TRT. Just wanted to provide a real review for everyone regarding my recent experience with IncreaseMyT.

From the the time I sent my initial request through email, Todd at TRT has been there every step of the way to get me going! He replied to my initial inquiry within hours, and since then we have emailed almost 100 times!. Being a cautious person naturally, especially when it comes to situations of this nature, I wanted to make sure of every little detail before moving forward. At every step of the way, Todd was there to answer questions, provide guidance, and assist with anything I asked. He never once seemed annoyed by all my questions (emailed at least 50 times before we really got the ball rolling), and was always extremely quick to reply to my questions. On top of his willingness to assist through email, Todd also was sure to discuss with me the program in detail over the phone before getting started (again, he never once rushed me off or got impatient with my many questions). Lastly, after I finally committed to the program, Todd made sure to check on my order when I had concerns about shipping, and again phoned me after receiving the order to assist me with advice regarding how to properly run the program and to make sure I understood and felt comfortable with everything involved. Basically, in the end, Todd knows his stuff and actually cares about trying to help you. As someone who has dealt with many doctors in my life, this guy cares more about your health and provides more detail than 99% that I've dealt with.

Speaking of doctors, the doctor I had the video consult with after inquiring with Todd was also a very knowledgeable and genuine individual. Just like Todd, he took the time to explain things thoroughly and made you feel as you could ask him anything as if you were just having a regular conversation with any other guy. He also will listen to all your questions and provide you with thorough answers without talking down to you as if he is above you, which for those of you who don't know, this is very rare for doctors these days.

In the end, the whole process was very smooth throughout. From the initial inquiry with Todd (and dealing with him the entire time), to the doctor, to the shipping...everything just seemed to go above expectations. Even when I received my order and one of the prescriptions was improperly dosed, Todd was quick to respond to my inquiry again and assured me numerous times he would resolve the issue for me without any problems.

Sorry about the length of this post, just wanted to make sure Todd and this hard working team at TRT get the proper head nod and credit they deserve. They definitely exceeded my expectations and I would recommend them to anybody looking to get going on a proper TRT program. Now that I've tried the best, there would be no need to try the rest hahaha.

IMT New Network great so far

Just placed my first resupply order with Todd at IMT under the new network of physicians and pharmacy and received it very fast. Looks like it will be a great upgrade in service!

IncreaseMyT New User Review

29yo here, recent huge fall-off in T levels. I used to regularly run 800+ and felt great. Now I'm at the bottom of the reference range (but not QUITE outside it) and suffering from a number of associated symptoms. Fat gain & redistribution, muscle mass & strength loss, low drive, low sex drive, and so on.

Lab work shows low T, high E, and rock-bottom LSH/FSH. Suspected secondary hypogonadism due to hypopituitarism.

I struck out with 2 local doctors, both of which replied with "you're inside the reference range" and conveniently ignore that the reference range includes 80yo men. They even chose to ignore the evidence I presented showing I'm in the lowest 10% of men my age.

I was beginning to lose hope, but came across IMT. Within the first day, Todd and I had exchanged a dozen emails, and I had sent him my blood work. I had a doc consultation scheduled within 5 business days. The shipment arrived 5 business days after that.

It isn't "cheap" by absolute standards, but you get what you pay for in the world of concierge medicine and I hear IMT has competitive rates.

I'm in my first week of treatment, so nothing to report on physical effects yet, but I am extremely impressed with the level of customer service and care that IMT provides. I'm lucky to have found them.

Increase My T Client Review

I am a long time lurker, new poster here and a new client of Increase My T.

Here is an honest review for anyone nervous about trying them or those who have had issues.

I had a bit of a delay with my first order. As a new client I was very nervous as days turned into weeks and I feared the worst as I believe most would.

Needless to say, Todd and I had a conversation about this and he kept his word and kept me abreast of the order which DID arrive.

I placed my second order, and now they have a new system in place to make things much faster and for whatever bad luck can be; I ended up being one of only like 2 who didn't get their stuff right away.

Guess what? Todd let me know what was going on and this was on a Friday afternoon and my stuff arrived by Tuesday.

So, for whatever delay there could have been on the prescribing end it was addressed swiftly.

Now, you may wonder why I would put in a great review that my first two orders were delayed. Well, this is because so many people are fearful. "Where's my stuff?" gets called out and so many fear they won't get their stuff or the company somehow has not lived up to any of its promise.

I put all of this here because so many see all reviewers as shills or something like that and I am no such thing. I am a real guy who asked "Where's my stuff?" just like you would or will. I am the same guy who wanted to be sure I was going to be taken care of.

I was.

I am a normal guy like you, with EXTREMELY low T. My number without any exogenous T is 82.

That is right. 82. I am age 38 and have the natural T of a menopausal 55 year old woman.

So, let us get into the process.

You will get with Todd, determine your needs by way of blood work. He will go over programs available, pricing and go from there.

I had my consultation with their Doctor and it was a thorough consultation with a Doctor who actually gives a damn about you and getting you to feeling better.

From there, your prescription is sent to the pharmacy and with the new system in place you are seriously looking at 3 days.


That is it.

I did not get mine in 3 days but it was a glitch and it was taken care of SWIFTLY and I had my order only a few days later. I am willing to bet that my next order will arrive in 3 days. I have no doubts at all.

This is a rock solid company to deal with. Todd will be in contact with you and you will get your order.

I am a real person and am as wary of dealing with companies I have not dealt with as anyone else and I am telling you that Increase My T is a fantastic company to deal with.

They will work with you. They will take care of you. You will get your stuff.

Things can happen. It's life. But you need a company who sticks with you and doesn't just tell you to pound sand.

I cannot praise Increase My T enough and if you have had doubts about becoming a new client, I am telling you to cast those aside and make the call.

I am no shill. I do not praise companies who do not provide an excellent manner of customer service.

I will, however, praise Increase My T and tell you to get with them today.

IMT new network much better!!!

I was impressed by the changes Todd made!

I met with the new doctor through FaceTime he was exactly on time with our appointment to the min(except I forgot there was a time zone difference) He was overall very nice guy efficient with our time.

I had already played with my timing and injection frequency on my own the new doctor was fine with this and simply asked how I felt with each change and said it sounds like it working good so he wouldn't change a thing. He wrote the prescription exactly to what I was doing which is test subcontaious, hcg and anastrozle all on MWF (no long needles).

They told me they would turn my prescription into the pharmacy on wed. I would receive tracking info thrusday and product on Friday. Everything happened exactly as they promised. I received my package at 10 am on Friday.

Also Todd moved payment over to PayPal so I don't have to jack with those credit card authorization forms any more.

I spoke with Todd about all this before hand he is aware of some shipment problems in the past and I really believe he is trying to fix the problem. He even vented some on the subject because of his reputation.

If any one has had problems in the past with IMT I would highly recommend a second chance.

IMT New Network from good to great!

've worked with Todd for a while know and have come to trust him. He understands TRT but also understands customer service.

I just received my first order after the changes Todd told me were coming. Shipping was fast and easy but I really like that I can use PayPal now for payment.

Was nice to talk to the doctor directly face to face. He was very easy to talk to.

If anyone is considering TRT or considering switching doctors for TRT I highly recommend talking to Todd at IMT!


Imt and their new network

I've worked with Todd for the last couple years and when he told me that IMT was switching networks I was alittle skeptical. However as usual he has come through and left no doubts on anything. and have come to trust him.

I just received my first shipment after I had my initial video conference with the new doctor. Shipping was fast and payment was easier since it was done over paypal.

If anyone is considering TRT or considering switching doctors/networks I highly reaching out to IMT!