On TRT and Your Wife or Girl Can’t Keep Up? We Got Your Back!

*Products are prescribed by a physician and based on your specific symptomatology

Thats right its time for IMT to roll out some female sexual enhancement products!! Don't worry ladies this is not going to make you look like a man, these are all formulations SPECIFICALLY derived for female use ONLY!

Here are just a few things that one of our physicians may prescribe you that will get your bedroom looking like a wrecking ball came through before you know it. The synergy between your man being on TRT and our female sexual enhancement products is downright out of this world:

Aminophylline/Arginine Gel (3%/6%)

Oxytocin Mini-Troche - 40IU or 250IU

Oxytocin Nasal Spray - 10IU or 60IU preparations

Sildenafil/Aminophylline/Arginine Cream - 2%/3%/6%

Sildenafil/Aminophylline/Arginine Cream - 2%/3%/6%/0.1%

* Creams are vaginal preparations

So if your a current client, or just a guy browsing the forums that needs to turn up the heat in the bedroom with your wife or girlfriend, call IMT today, have great sex tomorrow!!

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