5% Off for the Month of January

Hello IMT fans and clients. We are excited to announce a 5% discount on each one of our program services for the rest of the month. If you are a veteran, current military or law enforcement you will still receive your 5% discount on top of our current sale for being an amazing human being and providing public service.

IMT can proudly say we have not raised our prices in over 5 years, and we have the most competitive prices on the net. Many companies claim to cost less but the truth is if they cost less they are giving less, we know this because we have been around for 9 years now.

Unlike most TRT companies that are here one day and gone the next you can count on IMT to be here for the long haul. We have an excellent reputation for the services we provide because we live and die by a no bull shit approach. What we mean is IMT will never try to pull the wool over your eyes and hit you with hidden fees and costs, and we will also never push things on you that you do not need. Sometimes this is to our detriment and we may lose some new guys just learning about TRT that can be easily tricked by a quick sales pitch.

No sales pitches, no gimmicks, just the best TRT services in the world at the lowest prices we can offer.

So if you have been contemplating getting your life back on track and living life to the fullest, stop hesitating and schedule an appointment with us today!!