No-Needle Comprehensive Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Not a fan of Needles? Don't worry IMT has your back! Check out what one of our comprehensive no needle HPGA replacement programs look like:

Testosterone Gel - Made to physician specification in 2.6% to 20%

HCG + B12(M) 500iu/300mcg Rapid Dissolve Mini-Tabs

Anastrozole 0.25mg Rapid Dissolve Mini-Tabs

Vitamin E Cream

Tadalafil/Testosterone 5mg/10mg Mini-Troche

Oxytocin Nasal Spray 60iu/Spray

Dosages and program length will be tailored specifically to your needs by one of our physicians based on your diagnostics.

Average cost based on typical dosage prescribed by our physicians is $400 per month. Programs can be individualized and without sexual enhancement program arms price drops substantially.

So don't spend that same amount on a low dosage brand name cream, schedule an appointment with IMT today and get the most advanced topical/oral TRT program available for the same price!

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